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Gentle Chiropractic Care for All Ages

Expert Pain relief in rice lake, wi

Rice Lake Chiropractic has been serving the Rice Lake, WI, and surrounding area for over 26 years. We offer all of your spinal manipulation needs.

We provide care for all ages in our chiropractic clinic to give your entire family relief from troublesome pain. Your child will be better focused in school when their symptoms are improved by our skilled doctor. After our treatments, parents have noticed improvement in asthma symptoms, night terrors and bedwetting, and more. Our pediatric care will help your child get back to normal.

Our doctor is certified in specialized techniques such as hand manipulation and the activator technique. This technique consists of using an instrument called the activator adjusting instrument to send localized impulses to the spine. Targeted areas will be less-likely to tense during this treatment thanks to the high speed and efficiency of the instrument. The spring-loaded instrument is low impact meaning even babies can benefit from treatment. Over 20 successful clinical trials make this method one of the most researched spinal manipulation techniques.

If you want the best pain management available call Rice Lake Chiropractic now for a free estimate.