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Certified chiropractor in rice lake, wi

If you need a specialized care plan to get back to your pain free life, here at Rice Lake Chiropractic in Rice Lake, WI, we have the best treatment options for your individual needs. Dr. Arvold is a board certified chiropractor and accommodates all patients to the best of his ability, regardless of age or injury. We offer quick and efficient care, gentle enough for even newborns, at affordable prices.

Our doctor uses specialized techniques to aid in your pain relief or physical rehabilitation.  Your wellness is our business and your relief and comfort are our biggest priorities. Whether you were in an automobile accident, sustained a sports-related injury or woke up with an ache that you can’t seem to get rid of, we will find the best possible plan to further your well-being. New patients are always welcome. Our office accepts health insurances including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna MultiPlan.

Get relief for your neck pain, head pain, shoulder pain or back pain today. Call our chiropractic clinic now for a free estimate of your pain management treatment or with any questions. 

Owners: Dr. & Mrs. Arvold
Owners: Dr. & Mrs. Arvold

Activator Technique Certified

Using a hand-held instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument, we will provide a quick, low-force impulse at specific localized areas. Due to the high speed of the spring-loaded device, your body is less-likely to resist treatment or tense. 

Pain Management

Whether your pain comes from an accident or injury, appears overnight, or is a chronic condition you have been dealing with for some time, our doctor will track your symptoms and progress over time until you fell new again. Treatment is tailored to your specific needs because we know that not every patient will respond to a particular treatment in the same way.

Family Friendly

We offer treatment for every member of your family from newborn to elderly. Our skilled doctor will find the underlying source of any issue and plan specialized care for you and your family’s symptoms.